What's PWAs?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that make use of the modern web technologies to deliver an app-like experience to users. User can "install" PWA web page to their home screen and enjoy several features that in the past only available in the native mobile app.

Key benefits of PWAs

Here are a list of some prominent benefits brought by PWAs:
  • Content can be cached for offline access
  • Less storage used as contents are incrementally downloaded
  • Quick loading
  • More Security than mobile app
  • Responsive
  • Push Notification Enabled
  • Full-screen "app-like" experience.
  • Splash screen customization

Comparisons between PWAs vs Native App vs Hybrid App

Let's revise what's the difference between native mobile apps and hybrid apps. Native app generally has multiple code base, for example, you need one for iOS, one for Android, and another one for window Phone and etc. Therefore it is generally cost more to develop than hybrid or PWAs. Hybrid apps run on a simplified browser wrap within a native app. You can install hybrid apps just like native apps. Hybrid apps are built with Javascript, HTML and CSS than Java or Swift. PWAs on the other hand, are pure web app which is not wrapped within any native app installer. You can install PWAs directly from the browser.


We have recently made one of our web app to be partial PWA. On Android phone, or desktop, you can use Chrome to browse to https://www.infogenie.xyz and use it for like 5 minutes then close the tab and open it again, you will see the "Add to Home Screen" banner shown up. You can also browse pokedex.org. We will cover the step to make this in another blog. Figure: PWA add to home screen prompt on desktop chrome browser (prompt at the top)
Figure: PWA add to home screen prompt on Android chrome browser (prompt at the bottom)
Figure: The web icon installed to the Home Screen

Moving Forwards

Google predicted the new mobile app development will be reduced in years to come due to the rise of PWA. On the other hand, we recently see more adoption of PWAs by Apple according to this post. Therefore we can foresee that the PWA is the trend that will become more and more well received by the web developers and the end users. Will you consider to use PWA for your next web app? Comment below and let us know.

Posted in Mobile App, Progressive Web App (PWA) on Nov 01, 2017

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