E-commerce with Customize Cart & Shipping Option

Greencircle Ecofarm
E-commerce: Organic Food & Groceries


The original website of Greencircle was built years ago. It was not mobile responsive, and the Wordpress framework was outdated with vulnerable security and hacked with spam links and comments.

Our Solutions

Instead of scanning and fixing security vulnerability on the old site that will only solve their problem temporarily, we suggested to revamp the whole website into a more modern look, with mobile responsive (it’s a must) and additional functionalities to smoothen the process of checkout, as well as to let the shop owner to be able to update regular announcement. Announcement bar is designed to place at the top of the website, with strong color contrast such that it appears more prominent to the shopper.

Frontend features and functions include:
  • Lightbox product quick view function to reduce user task in viewing product details.
  • Customized product unit type (eg. per 100g, per bottle) for specific product needs.
  • Specially customized and user-friendly shopping cart system, which will take care of minimum checkout amount with respect to either locally or imported fruits and vegetable.
  • modify the new purchase and invoice email template by reducing the margin to make it printer friendly
  • mobile responsive so user can use it with a mobile phone for quick checkout
  • remember user particulars to avoid repeated keying information, as repeated users tend to make an order every week or every few days
  • Ajax add to cart function
  • Slide out cart for products-in-cart preview
  • Page specific announcement header on store activities updates
  • Unique header banner image for different pages
Admin functions:
  • Easy announcement update module to display on homepage and shop
  • User-friendly frontend drag and drop content management system (CMS)
  • Product update (add/delete/edit) module